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July 19, 2011

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Today is the official launch of How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rulea report of the New Economy Working Group (NEWGroup), and we wanted you to be among the first to read it.

David is the primary author, in collaboration with our NEWGroup partners - the Institute for Policy StudiesYES! Magazine, and theBusiness Alliance for Local Living Economies - and many others.  See his personal message below and check out the growing collection of resources from the organizations and citizen initiatives that are moving us toward a New Economy and a new money system!

Report CoverThe report is available at New Economy Working Group in various forms. Please help us spread the word about this ground-breaking report by posting, tweeting (#moneyreport and #neweconomy), and otherwise sharing with your friends - thanks! 

Kat Gjovik,
Outreach and Communication
Living Economies Forum

Message From David Korten

I have long been aware that money is a system of power and that we will continue on the path to species self-destruction until the institutions that currently define and control that system are fundamentally restructured. I was also aware that up until the 2008 financial crash the issues were sufficiently obscure and seemingly distant from people’s daily experience that attempting to focus public attention on them would have been rather like shouting at the sea to stop the tide.
The crash changed everything. Suddenly, dramatically, the system’s failure impacted virtually person on the planet, either directly or through the experience of a friend or relative. There has been near universal outrage at the massive public bank bailout. Awareness is spreading that Main Street isn’t going to recover and another Wall Street crash is just a matter of time.
With the moment of readiness at hand, I reached out to colleagues whose work on money system issues I had come to particularly value and respect. Through our conversations, we joined in an effort to expose the systemic causes of the dysfunction and to lay out a practical agenda for system transformation,
As powerful and invincible as Wall Street appears, it is built on a foundation of illusion. This report reveals the truth behind the illusion and spells out concrete steps for creating a transparent money system, accountable to community, that shifts power from Wall Street to Main Street and the priority from unproductive speculation to badly needed real investment.
How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule is a product of these conversations. It spells out how Wall Street dominates virtually every aspect of our lives through its control of the creation and allocation of money and how we can strip Wall Street of that control. (Fran believes this report might become as influential as When Corporations Rule the World.)

I hope you will read it with care, share it with your friends and colleagues, organize discussion groups to share reactions, and engage in the various campaigns we’ve noted below.

Links & Resources

We'd love your help spreading the word about the report - posting on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and via e-mail.

Ways to view the Report

David's Blog for YES! Magazine

Twitter Hash Tags - #moneyreport and #neweconomy

Resources: "Implementation of the six-part agenda outlined in this report will depend on effective broad-based citizen action from outside the establishment to build public consciousness of the institutional and cultural sources of our economic distress and engage public participation..."

An abundance of resources is available from our partner organizations and collaborators to support citizen engagement and the growing movement toward a New Economy and a new money system. See our Resource Pageat NEWGroup's web site for a list of participating organizations, links to resources for each of the six policy agenda proposals, and more!

Something Else Is New

For those who have been following David and his work, you'll notice a change in the name we're using and the look of our website. We adopted the name, Living Economies Forum, to better reflect the full scope of David's work and have integrated our three websites (davidkorten.org, PCDForum.org, and greatturning.org) into one. 

We hope you'll vist frequently and invite others to explore.Read more...

Thank you for all you do!