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April 2014


Dear Friends,

David's new essay, "A New Story for a NewNS-NE-Pathway2Economy: To Find Our Human Place in a Living Universe", connects the work of finding a new sacred story with the growing movement to build a new economy.

Most well known for his focus on the economy, he has been, for the past two years, on a special quest to find what is truly "sacred" in the human experience. In a previous essay, "Religion, Science, and Sprit: A Sacred Story for Our Time", David explored the wisdom of traditional peoples, teachings of religious prophets, and current findings of science to frame a story that reflects an inherent human desire - and capacity - for a creative, cooperative relationship with each other and with a living universe and Earth Community.

The journey continues in "The New Story", where David connects three themes: a living universe cosmology, a living Earth Community, and a living Earth Community economy, and contrasts these with the prevailing self-destructive story that elevates money as scared.

Read the essay or download the PDF HERE, and follow David's personal journey that led to writing the essay (beginning on Page 25). 


Are we ready for this conversation? 

With whom would you most like to engage in a conversation about the stories that guide our human course? How do the current stories influence what is important to you? What sacred story lives in your heart? What would be different if we were all to live by your story?

We urge you to share the "New Story" essay with friends, reflect on the discussion questions on Page 24, and host a conversation. We welcome your feedback in the Comments section on our essay page at YES! or via email to kat@greatturning.org


Thank you to all who participated in the survey for the title of David's new book, based on the "New Story" essay. Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth will be published by Berrett-Koehler in January 2015.  

Spring of Sustainability Telesummit Series -
April 22 to June 27

Beginning this week, David will join the team at Sustainable World Coalition, the Shift Network, dozens of visionairies, wisdom keepers, activists, business leaders, and thousands around the world for the2014 Spring of Sustainability - a 10-week series of free, engaging educational telesummits.

SoSLogo 2
The series begins on Tuesday, April 22, with a special 12-hour, no-cost Earth Day telesummitfeaturing some of the world's trailblazing environmental organizations and sustainability luminaries. David will join Duane Elgin shortly after the 8:00am (Pacific) opening for a conversation about "Living Earth, Living Universe". 
See the day's full program and instructions for joining this extraordinaryt telesummit HERE.

The nine-week Sustainability Action Program series (also free) begins on April 28, with each week focused on a single topic, from Feeding the World and Saving Our Vanishing Species to Clean Water and Climate Change.  

On Monday, April 28, 12:00pm (Pacific), David will join Bill Twist from thePachamama Alliance for a conversation about "The Living Earth and Our Presence Upon It", and, on May 27, he will be with Bob Massie from the New Economy Coalition and Sarah van Gelder from YES! Magazine to talk about "A New Economy for a Living Earth". 

See below for more links to stories we think you'll like.

Until next time, thank you, for your work in the world.

Kat Gjovik
Outreach and Communication
Living Economies Forum

Links of Note

CommonBound 2014: Moving Together Toward a New Economy:More than 600 activists, youth, students, and leaders will converge at Northeastern University in Boston, June 6-8, in the movement to create sustainable businesses, share knowledge and resources, and build resilient and democratic communities. Check out the program, line-up of speakers and workshops, and registration information HERE

The Pluralist CommonwealthOur friends at the Democracy Collaborative have assembled a collection of resources that explore the underlying principles and examples of a New Economy model built on new forms of ownership, focus on community, environment, and local democracy. Read more... 

A great e-newsletter:  Too Much - from the Program on Inequality and the Common Good at the Institute for Policy StudiesSign up here...

And, for breaking news and updates from Living Economies Forum, follow us on Facebook (David Korten and Kat Gjovik) and on Twitter (@dkortenand @katgjovik).



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