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January 2015 - Report on the launch of Change the Story, Change the Future at the Pasadenia All Saints Church. 

April 2014 - David's new essay, "A New Story for a New Economy: To Find Our Human Place in a Living Universe"; Spring of Sustainability; special links.

November 2013 - An update on David's speaking schedule, a report from Living Economies Forum Fellow in Norway, Jacob Bomann-Larsen, and links to exciting new initiatives. 

June 2013 - Announcements of two extraordinary gatherings in New York City: "Sacred Earth Community: A Spiritual Narrative for the 21st Century". One event is hosted by the Contemplative Alliance, the other by Trinity Institute; both include perspective shared by religious, spiritual, and indiginous leaders. 

August 2012 - "America's Deficit Attention Disorder," Living Economy Forum Fellow in Scandinavia, The Conversation, Korten Milestones, New Economy Links

June 2012 - YES! Magazine 15th Year Anniversary Celebration, "Don't Commodify Nature"

July 2011 - The launch of "How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule" report from the New Economy Working Group. 

May 2010 - "Agenda 2;" Moving Toward a New Economy in communities and neighborhoods; Move Your Money; alternative investments 

July 2009 - Focus on New Economy; Global Days of Action; Earth Community conversations

November 2008 - The Great Turning Initiative launches new website; David's blogs re economic crisis